Cancer and Tumour Immunology

Cancer immunology shows the relationship between the immune system and the progression of cancer. The cancer immunotherapy uses the immune system for the treatment of cancer. Cancer cells have some surface molecules on them that prevent the immune system from recognizing them as cancer cells. In immunotherapy those surface molecules are targeted and destroyed, so that immune cells can now identify the cancer cells. It is effective, specific, and long term than Chemotherapy and Surgery. Immunotherapy is something that stimulates the cells of immune system to attack the cells of tumor, and hence it can also be called as Biotherapy. To prevent the progression of neoplastic tissue, the immune system identifies the transformed cells which are called cancer immuno surveilance. Cancer Biomarkers are the best tool for recognizing the location of cancer, which is important for cancer treatment. Cancer Science and Therapy Conferences express great knowledge of therapies and treatments in the cancer field.