Cancer Biopsy

Biopsy is a medical examination usually done by a surgeon, an interventional radiologist, or an interventional cardiologist concerning extraction of sample cells or tissues for scrutiny to determine the existence of a disease state. It is of two categories, the Excisional biopsy in which the affected tissues or cells are removed entirely and the Incisional biopsy in which some sample is extracted from the affected region for diagnosis. When cancer is suspected, the first attempt will be Excisional biopsy. In case it doesn’t work they go for incisional biopsy to determine whether the cancer is benign or malignant. If the area of suspicion is not found, X- rays or ultrasound can be used to trace the area, known as Ultra sound guided biopsy or Stereotactic guided biopsy. The safest mode of diagnosis and a minor surgical procedure is called Fine needle aspiration. A non-invasive method of diagnosing cancer is Liquid biopsy. Cancer pathogenesis is another important procedure after biopsy. Cancer Science and Therapy Conferences paves way towards a break-through in the field of cancer research.