Cancer Metastasis

The spread of cancer from one part of the body to another part or to lymph nodes, which are not directly connected to each other, is called Cancer Metastasis. Cancer is considered as a deadly disease mainly because of its ability to spread in the body. Metastasis takes place through the blood stream or the lymph system. The most common metastasis parts of the body are the lungs, bones, liver and the brain. The metastatic cancer cells do not resemble the feature of cells where it is actually found but resembles the primary cancer cells i.e. it is considered as the next stage of primary cancer cells. All metastatic cancers are considered as advanced cancers. The cancer survival and treatment is influenced by whether the cancer cells are localized or spread to other parts. When the cancer starts to spread, it is very difficult to control. Even if the treatment is continued, it will be only palliative care. The pain control will be mostly by Anti-cancer drugs i.e. chemotherapy. Cancer Management is a multidisciplinary approach that deals with various types of cancer complications and its preventive measures. Cancer Conferences is an important key for both educational and clinical guidance for managing cancer patients.