Cancer Stem Cell Therapy

As the name depicts, stem cells are used in this therapy for the treatment of some types cancer. An undifferentiated cell, that can be differentiated into a specific cell or multiple copies of the own cell is called stem cell. These stem cells are predominant in multicellular organisms. There are two kinds of stem cells, the Embryonic stem cells (derived from the blastocyst inner cell mass) and the Adult stem cells (derived from tissues of an adult). The Adult cells combined with the progenitor cells acts as a repair system of the body. During cancer therapies like chemotherapy, the stem cells could get destroyed due to high radiations. Stem cell transplants are generally used to treat or maintain stem cell level in cancer patients. There are many Cancer Case Reports showing this therapy as an effective treatment for cancer. Cancer Conferences act as a podium for gaining knowledge about the new inventions in cancer stem cell therapy.