Cancer Therapy

Cancer can be treated by different methods. The treatment depends on the location, stage and grade of cancer. Bone Marrow transplantation is a therapy used for treating leukemia lymphoma and myeloma. In Radiation therapy, the patient is treated with ionization radiations, which help destroy the cancer cells. Chemotherapy, is an effective treatment process in which anti-cancer drugs are used to treat the cancer. Cancer Immunotherapy is a type of treatment in which the immune system is triggered to treat the cancer. Some cancers are sensitive to hormones, and hence, by inhibiting or removing them, the growth of cancer can be controlled. This is called the Hormone Therapy.  Metastatic cancers can be best treated with Targeted therapy, in which the location of cancer can be targeted and destroyed. Many novel approaches to Cancer Therapeutics are being exposed in the cancer science and therapy field. Cancer Science and Therapy Conferences endeavor to procure mastery in the field of cancer research.