Organ-Defined Cancers

Cancer has a differentiated nature, in association to organ specificity. All types of cancer have distinctive characters; the basic processes that cause cancer are similar in all forms of cancers. Based on the cancer location in the body organ, it is named as Organ Specific Cancers. The various types of cancers include Breast Cancer, Bone Cancers, Ovarian Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Neck Cancer, Lung cancer, Head cancer, skin cancer, Bile duct cancer, anal cancer etc. The tumor burden progressively hinders with regular biochemical functions carried out by the host organs. Based on the differences in the cancer cells while they grow, lead to the development of the drug that targets the specific area, which is called Targeted Cancer Therapy. Targeted therapy will not act like Chemotherapy (affecting the parts that are not targeted). The stem cell therapy also provides various way for treating cancer. Cancer Therapy Conferences express various developing therapies for varied cancers.