Targeted Cancer Therapy

Targeted Cancer Therapy is one of the finest therapies in treating cancer. The cancer cells are treated by targeting and inhibiting specific molecules that are responsible for tumor progression. This blocking can be done by molecular medicine. It is better than the usual chemotherapy, which only hinders the uncontrollable tumor growth. Molecular medicine is an extensive field that uses various tools to define the molecular structure and its mechanism, recognize errors in genes and to develop molecular interferences to treat them. Since most of the molecules used for targeting are biopharmaceuticals, this can also be referred as Biotherapy. Apart from Biotherapy, the Targeted Cancer therapy can use Nano-engineered enzymes. These enzymes bind to the cancer cell so that the natural cell degradation system of the body kills,digests and eliminates it from the body. Organ-Defined Cancers can be effectively treated by the Targeted therapy. Cancer Therapy Conferences reveals broad range of knowledge about targeted therapies for treating cancer.